100% American Made Neck Gaiters | Made in the USA

Surfmonkey is the only 100% American Made Neck Gaiters / Face Mask company making their gaiters from American Fabric and American Thread entirely in America.  Others say they are "American Designed" or "American printed" but again not 100% American Made and with their imported fabrics, or imported pre-made Neck Gaiters. 

We have even seen these counterfits say "Shipped from" someplace in the US.  We got your ticket!  It just means they received their order of foreign made gaiters, put them in their warehouse, and shipped them from there.  Don't be fooled, just ask where the origin of manufacture is for the material, the product and the print.  See what they say.

We offer High End, Fully Hemmed, UPF50+ Neck Gaiters, built from American Fabric, by Americans.  We design all of our over 700+ Gaiters in house, build them in house, print them in house and ship them from our facility in Florida.

All of our Designs are available every day, with no substitutions because we manufacture and print everything to order while others have to wait for their shipments to come in from foreign sources so nothing is ever out of stock, EVER.  Our Standard wait time is 1-2 Business days to out the door but most orders go out same or next day.

Don't be fooled by those that offer imitation American Gaiters, they won't hold up, and you will end up having to purchase more because theirs just fall apart.

Support American Families and Buy American, Always and Buy the Best!


How Surfmonkey Got to where we Are!

Covid-19 changed us in so many ways right from the beginning of April.  We needed to build a team of dedicated individuals to deal with the massive demand.  We formed our team, employing 14 additional people that helped bring you the highest quality Gaiters ever made, supplying the US Government, Schools, Hospitals, Unions, Churches, The Boy Scouts of America, Doctors, Nurses, etc.. and you the general public!  We hope we changed things for the better as our total staff of 17 worked 7 days a week for months to ensure everyone was safe and they continue to work diligently until the job is done.

The link below gives you a blow by blow of how we became the number one supplier of High End 100% American Made Neck Gaiters on the planet and the hurdles we had to overcome to get there.

Covid-19 Surfmonkey Update


Buy American and keep America working!