Covid-19 Virus Update

Update as of 3/26

We here at SurfMonkey Gear hope that your family, friends and employees are safe and healthy during this trying time.  We are open and are conforming to all CDC and local Health Officials as the rules and regulations are updated.  With that being said, we will stay open for business and will continue to be so for as long as local government allows us to be.

We will continue to process your orders as quickly as we can but we do rely on outside suppliers for much of what we make in house and some of our suppliers have temporarily shut down their facilities which may add delays to your order.  We ask that you please keep that in mind, and that when your order is complete, we will send you a tracking number.

We thank you for your patience, appreciate your patronage, and please stay healthy!


Update 4/1

As of today, our Retail store will be closed to the general public but we are still here processing orders inside.  We will be setup as appointment only currently until further notice.


Update 4/2

As of today, Our retail store will be completely closed to the general public and there will be on exceptions.  All orders placed will need to be done online at or over the phone at 727-202-7105 and will be shipped to your location regardless of distance to the shop until further notice.


Update 4/6

With the overwhelming need for neck gaiters/ face shields, and with the lingering supplies from our suppliers, we made the decision to go ahead and produce them ourselves.  With this we can get them out faster as the needs persist.  We have the equipment inhouse as was ordered last week and raw fabric is due in tomorrow, we should be up and running by Wednesday 4/8 and hoping to have everything shipped by end of next week.  Also, we were able to hire back several employees that had moved on to explore other career paths, that had been laid off (if there is anything positive to come out of this)


Update 4/7

We are shipping daily face shields / FaceMasks as fast as we can make them.  We Have the personal in place/ Material/ and equipment to catch up with the overwhelming demand.  Please be patient as we build product and ship.  Please try not to request us for updates as it slows us down in getting things processed.  Thank you and stay safe.  Tracking information will be sent as we ship


Update 4/10

Our capacity to handle the massive load of face shields orders is about to greatly increase.  The remainder of equipment that we have ordered will arrive on Monday.  We have the staff in place and the raw material to make our face shields and masks just arrived today.  We now need to process the rolls of material.  We are pre-printing the orders so we should be able to hit the ground running and pressing the designs on Tuesday 4/14.  Please bear with us as we ramp up.

Update: We were able to hire another past employee back tonight and we are making another equipment purchase Monday to speed things up even faster...We know how serious this is and are ramping up as quickly as possible.

Please note, all of our Faceshields are MADE IN THE USA.


Update 4/15

All of our equipment has arrived and we are functioning at a much higher capacity to deal with the orders.  We are completely self sufficient at this point and have enough raw material to make thousands of face shields if the need arises.  With that said, we continue to work 7 days a week with expanded staff and will continue to do this until we have shipped the last face shield.  We continue to not answer the phone as this will just slow us down answering questions.  If you have an order number, you have a confirmed order and we will ship it as fast as humanly possible.  Thank you for your understanding and please stay safe!

Update 4/17

We continue to work through the orders coming in and please be aware that we are working as quickly as we can.  Our typical processing time is being pushed to the limits and your order may be a little longer than expected.  We will get all the orders processed as we at Surfmonkey are dedicated to making sure everyone is safe.  Thank you for your support and please be patient.

Also, please ensure that you correct shipping address is supplied as it has become extremely difficult to make corrections after the order has been placed.


Update 4/21

We have hired on more people that are in house now and purchased more equipment due in this week to deal with the load.  We have increased our capacity and will continue to do so.  We continue to work around the clock 7 days a week so please be patient as we continue to ramp up.  Again, all of our faceshields are made and printed in house at our facility in Florida.  We do not rely on any international shipping whatsoever so everything Made In America.

Thank you for your understanding.


Update 4/22

We are bringing on even more people and equipment that will be in place both this week and next week to handle the load.  We will soon be able to handle everything that is thrown at us regardless of qty.  Please be patient while we continue to ramp up.  Thanks and stay safe and as always, our products are always Made In American!


Update 4/26

We continue to work around the clock 7 days a week.  Our staff is dedicated to getting every last face shield/ neck gaiter out the door as quickly as possible.  The entire Surfmonkey staff is dedicated to this task and know the importance of what we are doing, and we continue to search out even more individuals to help us in our efforts to get as many people working again and supplying you with the needed protection from this horrible virus, as we can!  Thank you for your support!


Update 5/5

We have an additional high speed printer on order and some other equipment to speed up some of our slower areas.  Again, we make everything in house so please keep that in mind, we are not having them shipped in from foreign sources already made and printed.  Our product starts out as rolled fabric and everything is done by hand.  So it takes a bit longer, but the fact that we care about everything we are building and printing, the quality is so much higher as well as we use high end fabric and the construction of our faceshields is fully hemmed with a UPF rating of 50+, unless most other companies that are basically low end materials and construction.  We stand behind everything that we build and print because we are Made in America!


Update 5/12

We continue to make ground on orders and are processing as quickly as possible.  I try to answer everyone via email and messaging but if I miss you, It is not on purpose please send me another note and I will get back to you.  Also, keep in mind that answering questions will slow us down a tad so please allow enough time to pass before you request information.  Thank you and stay safe and again always made in the USA!


Update 5/24

We now have added 4 more people to help us process even faster and we continue to look for more great people that have a passion for what we are trying to do.  We also added on 2 more seamstress's to build even more faceshields.

For Memorial Day, the facility will be closed so that our staff can enjoy a day off with their family and friends, as they deserve it since they have been working non-stop 7 days a week for almost 2 months now.  Our online store will be open as usual but no emails or direct messages will be answered on Memorial Day.  Thank you for your understanding and we hope you all have a happy and safe Memorial Day!


Update 5/28

Our shirt suppliers will reopen first week of next month and we will begin processing all orders for shirts and canvas work by the second week of June.  We continue to work at getting all of the faceshield orders out the door as that is our main priority.


Update 6/4

We made the decision to update our logo on each and every one of our graphics on our faceshields to show that we are truly made in the USA as we have been asked over and over again if this is true because there are companies out there saying they are made in the USA but they ARE NOT!  Since we have more designs than any other supplier, it will take about a week to update them all starting with the flags and working from there, but this will not hinder our processing of product at all as it is all done in the background after hours by our designer. 

Designed in the USA does not mean it was made in the USA.  We continue to be one of the only manufacturers of faceshields that are truly built, designed and printed in the USA (Florida to be exact)!  Our new logo will signify a truly MADE IN America Product and we are proud of it! 

Thank you all for your support and stay safe.


Update 6/22

We've made tremendous strides in order receipt to shipping time.  We are at about 4-6 biz days roughly and should be at 2-3 business days by the following week for faceshields only, and this is all due to the tremendous dedication of my staff wanting to push through and get orders out the door as fast as possible as well as working 7 days a week and long hours.  We also added on an additional printer to deal with the gaps in the printing process where a single face shield will need to be printed and processed on the fly.

We continue to improve our speed and our end goal is same day or next day shipping which we are moving to soon.  We continue to add more designs online as well and take requests.  Can not make any promises if you will eventually see it online, but many have made it there.

Also, we offer over 500+ designs, more than any other company on the planet as well as we are the only company in the United States that manufacturers, designs, prints and presses their own face shields.  Please continue to buy American, God bless, and stay safe!


Update 8/25

We have made great strides in getting our orders out the door very quickly now, most of the time in 3 days or less.  Unfortunately, our third party shippers are having major issues and although we may process your order quickly, the shipper may not get it to you in a timely manner.  Please allow ample time for the shipment to reach you and we are working closely with our shippers to minimize the impact.

A second announcement is the introduction of our new Ultra Line.  Ultra is a multi-layer face shield that offers exceptional performance and comfort.  We continue to grow the designs available for Ultra as well as our main line of high performance face shields.

We are continually asked, "Well you say made in America, how about the Fabric?". Our Faceshield materials are all manufactured from facilities in the USA, even the thread we use to sew the Faceshields are from the USA.  So be rest assured that this is truly an American Designed, Made, and Shipped product.

As always, please stay safe, and always support American Made Products.


Update 8/31

To give our team some well needed rest, we will be closed on Saturday's and Sunday's weekly.  We have been running 7 days a week but we have caught up now and process orders pretty much same or next day.  Please note, we are in Florida so we are constantly dodging storms and Hurricanes so there may be times our shop will be closed due to weather which may delay processing your order by a few days.

We had take offline many of our staple products such as T-Top Bags, and storage bags for a few months now due to processing faceshields, we will slowly start to reintroduce them back online for purchase as we catchup with the back orders.  Our team of seamstress's are working thru them now and hopefully will be caught up in the next few weeks.

As Always, Support American, Buy American!