Gaffer 1080P Video Camera Glasses with Wifi

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1080p Video Camera Glasses from Gaffer bring something new to the table, in addition to their popular 720 video glasses with Bluetooth.  With the new 1080s offer selectable filming – your choice of 720 or 1080, and they generate their own wi-fi signal which allows users to view videos on a smartphone via app.  In short, the video quality of our 1080p video glasses is higher, and they can allow you to access the internet almost anywhere.  Frame construction, button placement, and ease of use have all improved over the previous 720 version.  Our glasses vibrate when turned on, off, or should the micro SD card become full.  The lenses are still our high quality polarized UV400 poly carbonate, in your choice of blue mirror, black mirror, yellow, or clear.1080p Video Camera Glasses also generate their own WiFi hot spot.

  • Preview live or recorded video on your phone via app
  • On/off vibration
  • UV400 polarized lenses
  • Micro SD card, hard case, microfiber cloth, quick-start guide and cable included
  • One year warranty from manufacturer’s defect