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Mini Custom Embroidered Desktop Flag with Stand

  • $ 2999

Out of the Mad Monkey Lab comes something Mad again...!

New Custom Mini Desktop Flags...Measuring on 6.5"x4.25", sometimes thats all you need!

All of our flags, regardless of where you hang em...are tough enough to hang em from your boat but these are made for the desk.

We had a client that wanted a bunch of these so we figured out how to make them and are now offering them to you.

Each flag is double sided embroidered just like our larger boat flags, and each comes with a post and desk stand. Ready to go when you get it. It gives you a chance to think about all that time on the water you're gonna have when you get the hell out of work....or even a conversation starter.

You supply the graphic, we take care of the rest.

Made from 200 Denier Packcloth, a step down from our 400 Denier Packcloth but just as strong, just lighter.

Makes a great gift for the person that loves their boat, or has pretty much everything.

Flag Nylon comes in Bright White, Navy Blue, and Black. Other colors can be ordered for an additional charge.

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