XL - Neck Gaiters / Face Mask / Bandana - Made in the USA

Looking for 100% American Made Bulk Order of our products - Please Email us at bulk@surfmonkeygear.com with your request.  Bulk qty would be 100+ and larger.

Looking for a Custom version of our products - Please Email us at:  custom@surfmonkeygear.com with your request.  Custom qty would be 20 piece min per design.

Made from 100% Tight Weave High Performance MicroFiber Polyester

Please keep in mind that a tighter weave means a tighter fit for your protection

Now our High End Gaiters come in XL Size as well. 

Same Solar protection of UPF50+ just now in kiddie size!

For those that need just a bit more space

Adult XL Neck Gaiter size is roughly 18.25"x10" flat

Adult XXL Neck Gaiter size is roughly 18.25"x10.25" flat

Always MADE IN America