What is Surfmonkey Gear?

SurfMonkey Gear started out with very, and I mean very humble beginnings.  We started by just trying to keep clutter organized on our 17 foot Edgewater Center Console boat.  Designing and creating an organizer bag that can hang over the rails of our boat, we effectively increased the storage of our little boat by 100%.  

Not realizing what we had, we started getting requests out at the sandbars of where to order this bag.  That was the beginning of Surfmonkey Bags, from designing a simple organizer bag to creating a full line of Performance shirts, t-shirts and accessories, which launched us into Surfmonkey Gear.  We have never veered off of our primary Vision, providing the absolute best products with the best designs that we would want to purchase for ourselves, and offering them at the best prices.

We employ Professional Graphics designers to ensure our designs are like no other, and to help our clients in designing custom gear for their own use.

To better assist our clients and to offer a more personal relationship, we have opened a new retail store located at 9444 Seminole Blvd, Seminole Florida - (775) 773-6594

You can also find us online:

Email us at info@surfmonkeygear.com

If you are looking for something custom to be designed and printed on one of our products, from Shirts, hats, Monk Wraps™ (Face Shields), to Koozies, and Children's clothing and accessories, etc. please let us know.  You can either supply us with the graphics, or we can design from scratch. 

We hope you enjoy our products!


All of our products are custom designed and printed* at our Seminole Florida Location.  If our logo isn't on it, it's just not a Surfmonkey!

* Our KingFish Bags are printed off site but manufactured at our Seminole Location.