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Monk Wrap™ Questions

  • What are Monk Wraps™ made out of?

Our Monk Wraps™ are made from 100% Performance Polyester and have a UV Solar Rating of 50+, which is the highest on the maket.

  • What are the dimensions of Monk Wraps™?

They are 18" long by 9.5" wide.  There may be some fluctuations as they are hand made.

  • Are they breathable and light weight?

Yes, they are extremely light weight and moisture wicking.

  • What are the minimum orders for Custom Monk Wraps™?

Currently, minimum orders are 20 pieces.

  • How long does it take for a Custom Order?

We pride ourselves as being extremely quick and thorough.  If you supply the graphics or we help you create them, we can pretty much have a design done and out the door usually in under 3 weeks.

  • How are the graphics applied?

All graphics are applied via Dye Sublimation, which creates a permanent graphic to the fabric.  This process adds no additional weight to the product or impedes its breathability in any way.  The graphics will never fade, crack, or peel in any way over times, or wash after wash.

  • I noticed that the Surfmonkey Logo is on it, does it have to be?

Yes, like other major suppliers of custom Face Shields, our Logo is on everyone we make.  Plus it's the mark of the highest quality Shields on the Market!


Insulated Fish Bag Questions

  • I want to have a Custom Kingfish Bag made, what do I need to do?

Well, to get started, if you have a logo, or sponsors, we need to know who they are and what goes on the bag.  We have graphics for most of the sponsors and we don't verify if you are allowed to have them printed on your bag so that is your responsibility.  Graphics and sponsor lists can be emailed to us at info@surfmonkeygear.com.  An invoice will be sent to you and must be paid prior to any work starting.  After payment, we have a Professional In-house Graphic designer that will take your graphics and begin to lay them out.  We will send you proofs and upon approval, we will begin the process of having it printed and assembled.

  • I don't have any graphics or Logo but I would still like to get one made, how do I do that?

You are in luck, the Full Custom bags come with our designer taking your ideas and turning them into graphics, and those graphics can be used on shirts and other items at any time as we keep all graphics on file.

  • I noticed the majority of your bags have end straps, but I want center straps, is that a problem?

Not a problem at all, these bags are full custom so we work with you to build them to your specifications.


Custom Apparel and Accessories Questions

  • The Surfmonkey™ Logo appears on the back collar of your custom shirt orders as well as other custom orders, why is that and does it have to be there?

Unlike other print shops, Surfmonkey is not a traditional print shop.  We are a Brand with a Custom House.  That being said, we brand all of our custom jobs unless you supply your own graphics and ask for it to be removed.  We supply each of our custom jobs with a Proof with it clearly on the artwork.  We ask that you examine the graphics well as, after approval, we can not change it as it goes to print fairly quickly.  

We do a tremendous amount of custom work and that is our signature that you are receiving the very best there is.  We employ professional graphic artists to ensure that your products go above and beyond your expectations.  

After all, you would never ask Nike® or Under Armor® to take their logo of their products, which I can tell you, they would not.